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True Hate Never Dies

by The Hangmen



Our first download single track from the forthcoming vinyl/DL album 'Hells Vagina' made public on Valentines Day 2018.

MM Review massmovement.co.uk?p=19306

"The Hangmen are the real dealers. It’s stuff to make The Living End shit the bed....harder, darker and faster, if you please. The Hangmen don’t do compromises and their latest single is no exception, coming highly recommended to creeps, freaks and weirdos the world over. Enter with caution and then throw that caution to the wind"

Video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1s2e7oOS_A&list=PLgLxqhUt-LYqCso66aaLeieCZe69crgne



All across the floors and walls, dripping from the ceiling
Through the darkness loathing crawls - how well I know this feeling
Mercy just a ghost that comes to haunt the hopeless crying
Not much left to seperate the living from the dying.

Damn your eyes.

Grind another axe to chop more lies out of more heads
We're all books of blood, when we are opened we are red
Curse this ground I walk upon, slanderise my name
Hate those who are different hate those who are all the same.

All Rise.

It conquers all
It is old and wise.
Empires fall, true hate never dies.

Carnage on the ground, questions in the air that never find a voice
No blood can be spared.
Never turn the other cheek, forget or forgive
This earth was never for the meek
None shall live.



released February 14, 2018
PPL The Hangmen
(CAE / IPI) 251811588




The Hangmen England, UK

Veteran underground 'cult' band shooting punk rock n' roll ammo using Psychobilly hardware.

Slogging countless loud sweaty gigs and tours across the UK, Europe & North America with a prolific self-penned repertoire of dark , raw devils music that spans eight albums to date, The Hangmen are for the 'Play Loud' crowd with a canny knack for never repeating themselves, or anyone else.
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