The Devils' Jukebox - Compilation CD album

from The Hangmen

20 track compilation of mid-90s UK Psychobilly, Punk, Rockabilly and Garage Bands. Found a few in a box, mint and still sealed so up for grabs.

1. Lost Souls: Schoolhood Daze
2. Dawg house: Boneshaker
3. The Hangmen: Last Man In Space
4. Phantom Cowboys: The Fear Is Real
5. Lunkheads: Betcha Gonna Like It
6. Space Frogs: Skin Thing
7. Hyperjax: Boys Will Be Boys
8. Cryptkickers: Cruise To Hell City
9. Roadrunners: I Can Tell
10. Lost Souls: Shiny Car
11. Dawg House: Rattlesnake Shake
12. The Hangmen: Who's Been Sleeping In My Grave?
13. Phantom Cowboys: Desert Nights
14. Lunkheads: Chop Chop
15. Space Frogs: Necrophilia
16. Hyperjax: Get Out Of Here Baby
17. Cryptkickers: Jump In The Grave
18. Roadrunners: Hijack No.1
19. Phantom Cowboys: The Reaper
20. Lunkheads: Bone Ugly.

Two tracks from The Hangmen, The Last Man In Space and Who's Been Sleepin' In My Grave? are early 90s recordings from the long defunct Last Train To Purgatory album.
Cheap and cheerful recordings lashed together at a time when most live music scenes were dead in the water and only the braver bands struggled through. The bands all took care of their own recording arrangements, Steve of The Space Frogs prepared the master & did the editing, Wayne Beauchamp of Dawg House sorted out the artwork and The Hangmen put up the cash!

From the time...

"A compilation of bands writing their own material, all totally out of step with & oblivious to current commercial tastes, and blatantly obvious that they don't give a shit about this in the slightest. This being the kind of thing that provokes cultural unrest within society is the kind of thing to encourage right now.
The fact that the attitude behind this music is 1000% cooler than the contrived over-exposed darlings of the music industry merits attention.
The Lost Souls display their earliest knack for Psychobilly in the form of unreleased demo's, DawgHouse add quirky neo-Rockabilly treatment, The Hangmen unleash their fire & brimstone Punk-Rockabilly.
Wallow in the suave gothic-bop of the Phantom Cowboys, the Blues Stompin' Roadrunners tracks or the Hyperjax lifting Rockabilly recorded in true vintage fashion
Finally you can slip in & out of your delirium to the revved-up slop of Th'Lunkheads, the sheer velocity of the Space Frogs or the Slap-Bass-Punk-Rockin' Cryptkickers offerings!
As you join them in their couldn't-care-less response to trend & fashion, turn the volume right up, open the window & get your two-fingers right up in the air with both hands..."

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The Hangmen England, UK

Veteran underground 'cult' band shooting punk rock n' roll ammo using Psychobilly hardware.

Slogging countless loud sweaty gigs and tours across the UK, Europe & North America with a prolific self-penned repertoire of dark , raw devils music that spans eight albums to date, The Hangmen are for the 'Play Loud' crowd with a canny knack for never repeating themselves, or anyone else.
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